Video Slots: Rules and Tips to Follow

The differences between reel slots and video slots, how to play slot games online and how to choose the right ones.

Slots Tips

Although the all idea of a game is the same, playing video slots is different than playing the classic slots.

Video Slots

Slots Tips

Video slots offer all kinds of additional special features and bonuses. All those additions make the game last longer, and become more exciting.

Here we are talking about TV slots you can find in land casinos, but you can find all of those games in online casinos as well.

Therefore, TV slots have a bonus screen, all sorts of buttons and offer different options for playing. Moreover, you have to insert your money just like you would do when playing reel slots. When we are talking about wagers, the situation becomes quite different. You will probably see two rows of buttons - you can decide how many credits you want to bet on every line, will you put the lowest bet or the maximum one, there is also a help button, and the cash collecting button.

Where to start?

As first, you have to know a little bit about the game. Slots aren't very complicated, so you don't have to worry about the learning process - you just have to know few basic stuff. Slot is a game of luck, before anything else.

Anyway, you have to read the instructions and a payout table - you can find some useful things about the game and the particular machine.

After that you can insert your money, decide how many credits per line you would like to put out there, and the lines you want to play on, and start the game. Then you can start the process again, or collect your winnings. Isn't this simple?

You should be aware of something else, the biggest jackpots are hard to get. Tempting, yes, but they are really hard to get. It's better to play on lower ones. Choose your machines wisely; try to find those with the biggest payouts.

All the additional information you may need you can find online.