Online Casino History Outlook and Comprehensive Guide

Read the general information about the online casino history. Find out when it started, its main events, personalities and some facts about gambling.

The Word "Casino" History

Casino history is really the fascinating one. Since the times the human being could play, he/she played - for different small subjects, for money, for buildings, etc. The word casino (the Italian origin word, which means "small house") at first was used to determine the villa or summerhouse, which was created for entertainment purposes.

Ancient Gambling History

Online Casino History

The gambling activity existed from ancient times. The first references about it were made in 2300 BC in China. Writing mentions about gambling were found inside one of the Egyptian pyramids too.

Sometimes gambling was used to make the decision. If the kings didn't know the correct solution of the problem, they were throwing the dice and everything became clear.

Online Casino History

The online casino is relatively new sphere of people's lives. It appeared and became popular with the development of the computer technologies and became extremely popular at once.

The online casino is the net version of the classical land based gambling establishment (about their differences read here: "Online Casinos vs. Land-based Casinos").

The opportunity to play online casino games for money appeared not so many years ago.

1994 - the Free Processing and Trade Zone Act was passed by Caribbean islands, and the online gambling process was licensed.

1996 - the first virtual casino was opened. Since that time the online gambling industry began its impetuous development, involving to the process millions of players and extremely large sums of money. Not only online casinos appeared, but the related spheres started their development - online banking systems, casino software providers, etc.

Main Problems

On the early stages of their development the online casinos faced several main problems:

  • Gamblers were worried whether their personal information, indicated on the gambling site will be really so
  • The Internet connection problem, because of the lack of the software programs.

These two problems were solved with the help of two magic words:

  1. Cryptologic - program that protects online casino users' information.
  2. Microgaming - the biggest casino gaming software provider.

The online casinos are still in the process of their development, as there appear different casino games variations and develop the older ones. But still there exist a problem, which can spoil everything. There are a lot of people who desire to fight against the legalization of the online gambling in some countries. We'll see the results of their trying, but hope they'll be in our favor.