Blackjack Card Game History: How and When It Appeared

The history of blackjack game (21 card game), the pioneers of blackjack strategies and card counting and some other things.

Blackjack History

The first playing cards were made in ancient China, like all kinds of other things. Well, they had paper back then, so it isn't so strange.

When we are talking about Blackjack, it seems they have played a similar game in France somewhere in the beginning of seventeenth century. They had games like 'Chemin de Fer', but the game itself probably was derived from the game called "Vingt et Un", considering it means 21.

However, why Blackjack? Well, in the beginning, Jack of spades and an Ace of spades were the best combination of cards, with additional bonus.

There are some other possible origins for the game, but those are the most probable ones.

The game began to be played in US somewhere in the beginning of the 19th century. Since then, it is very popular and well known all around the world.

First Blackjack Strategies

Blackjack History

Roger Baldwin wrote the first strategy for playing Blackjack. In his book published in 1956, "The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack", he described his findings about the game. Using numerous calculations - they didn't have computers to help them then - he described the ways for beating the game.

Few years later, Thorp developed the first counting strategies. He wrote the book called 'Beat the Dealer' and published it in 1962. That started the revolution.

Thorp actually proved his theory and won a nice pile of money. His book produced hundreds of card counters running to Vegas and Reno, and soon it became a big problem for the casino owners. They attempted to change the rules, but they were forced to defend their profits using different means.

Thanks to that, now we have multiple decks, shuffling devices and so on.

Is It Possible to Count Cards?

If you have a fantastic memory, why not. It isn't easy to count cards when we are talking about 6, 8 or more decks, nevertheless, you can try.

You can find all kinds of charts online and choose the one you like, learn everything you have to learn and give it a try. Lots of people said it is an excellent way to win the game.

Charts may help you understand the points the whole thing is based on. Usually it's about high and low cards; you don't have to worry that you should memorize the exact cards value. In addition, keep in mind that casino owners aren't so excited about counting cards as you are. Besides, it's applicable on the land casino only, where there is no RNG, but the real live dealer.

You can also find all sorts of strategies that can help you increase your winning chances. Just surf the Internet for a while; there are lots of things that can keep you interested.