Baccarat Card Game: History and Game's Description

Baccarat History

Baccarat History

The game of Baccarat was born in Italy, supposedly, and it was played with Tarot cards in the beginning.

Somewhere in the late 15th Century, the game appeared in France, where it became very popular in high society circles. From the very beginning, baccarat was a game for people with lots of money. Today, Baccarat is still known as a game for the people with deep pockets, thanks to 007 movies. Nevertheless, casinos offer the game of mini baccarat, with lower bets, and everybody can take a chance.

Baccarat came to US in 1950s. At first, it was played in Vegas, where it was primarily the game for the richest players. They say we have to thank Frank Sinatra for that. Quite possible, considering the fact he owned a part of Sands casino, and it's known he was interested in all sorts of gambling activities.

The Variations of Baccarat

Besides Mini Baccarat mentioned before, which is basically the same, but with lower bets and a little different table, more like the one blackjack is played on. There are some other variations of a game. Mini Baccarat is based on Punto Banco version. The version is played mostly in US, and some other parts of the world. Therefore, besides Punto Banco the mini baccarat was based on, we have also other versions with similar rules, like, for example, Railway.

Baccarat is also very popular in online casinos. It isn't hard to learn the rules, the game is interesting and fancy, and you can win a nice pile of money. What else you can ask for?

About the Baccarat Game

  • The game itself is simple - the table has 3 possible bets - banker, player and tie.
  • The highest count you can get is nine, cause you will lose tens when adding. Therefore, if you have five and eight, you don't have thirteen, but three.
  • If you have ten, it is actually zero, or baccarat.
  • The dealer deals two cards to each player, but sometimes the player would get the third card. It's for the dealer to decide.
  • So, the player bets on banker means he bets that the dealer has better cards, if he bets on player, he should hope that the player will have better cards, and if he bets on tie, that they both have the same count.
  • The goal is to get 9, or as close to nine as possible. Obviously, you cannot get busted, because you cannot have more than nine.